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Riyadh Belaid - 3 Moods

Riyadh Belaid - 3 Moods

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At the end of this book I hope you enjoy reading my book and I want to thank everyone who helped me and believed in me and always had my back up it's your mom I am extremely happy to announce the one thing that you want to hear that your son has become a writer.

A special thanks to professor Fatima I-Haouas for believing in me and giving me that power to push me up so thank you. To the one who always helped me to increase my language in English and the one who helped me finishing this book miss Nassima Chohra.
Also Belkacerni Nadjib, Ghoubali Mohamed, Boutbel Zakaria, Faas Abdullah, Bennai Nadjib, Ben Tchikou Billal, Boubecha Amira, Kelkouli Samah, Fellague Chebra Khaira, Belaid Yussra, Belkacemi Mouna, Lakakza loanna, Belaid Abir.
My superhero my father
My idol in life my brother
My happiness my two sisters
My lovely Grandma mama Aicha

Riyadh Belaid, algerian writer from Chief, who is already 21 year trying his first experience in writing short thought <<3MOODS» by sharing different feelings. Different ideas have been treated and discussed in <<3MOODS».
Belaid Riyadh writes topics full of feelings and troubles that could happen to anyone existed where you can find your case, by the other side every story keeps a moral behind, at the end of your texts you will be discover that whatever you face, you can always move on...

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